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Flight schools

Nflyers will help you select the flying school that will meet your specific flying needs.

Trusted flight schools across the country

Our mission is to connect you with reputable flight schools to help you learn to fly. The Discovery Flight Certificate is accepted at over 400 flight schools across the country.
These schools are located at airports, both large and small near you. Find a flight school!
If you're ready to learn more about becoming a professional pilot, don't miss our extensive directory of career flight schools. These professional certified flight schools have a program for you.
Find a flight school or flying club in your area and select the pilot training program that best suit your needs. Most of the aviation schools listed blow offers training for both recreational pilots and pilots with a flying career in mind.
Become part of a growing industry and experience the exhilarating freedom of flight.

Before you select a flight school

- Make a discovery flight: it is a very good way for a prospective pilot to gauge whether or not they are up to the challenge.
- Determine what type of pilot you want to be and what type of aircraft you want to fly - this will determine what type of training is right for you.
- Obtain the appropriate medical certificate before your start your pilot training.
- Decide on a way how to pay for the pilot training.
- Try to talk to the students of the school of your choice and see if they will recommend you this pilot school as the best one.
There are many pilot schools across the US and Europe, and there are individual pilot instructors that work out of smaller airfields. Chances are good that there is an affordable one near you. Search Nflyers Pilots Network and start your way to your dream to fly!

Types of flight schools

- Part-141 Flight Schools (FAA-Approved Flight Schools):
Enrolment at a part-141 Flight School usually ensures a higher quality of flight training, but not always. FAA-Approved Flight Schools have to meet certain standards with respect to equipment, aircraft maintenance, facilities personnel and curriculum.
One of the differences between a Part-141 flight school and a Part-61 flight school is that fewer flight hours are required to qualify for a pilot certificate at a Part-141 flight school. The flight hour requirements for a private pilot certificate are 40 hours at a Part-61 flight school, and 35 hours at a Part-141 flight school. However, since the national average is between 60 to 75 flight hours, this difference may be insignificant. Part-141 Flight Schools are not job friendly. If you plan on working full time and training you will be better off at a part-61 flight school.

- Part-61 Flight Schools (Non-Approved Flight Schools):
Part-61 flight schools are not governed as much by the FAA as are Part-141 flight school. Part-61 flight schools still offer the same type of flight training but they can provide their own training program that can meet or sometimes exceed the programs of a Part 141 flight school. Another great advantage of Part-61 flight schools is that you can schedule your flight training at any time. Training at a Part-61 flight school is great for people that have full time jobs or a family that they have to take care off.