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Frequently asked questions


1.   What are the goals of Nflyers Pilots Network?

Nflyers is a pilots network created for aviation enthusiasts who are passionate about flying and wish to share the joy of flying with others and fight for the flying freedom where only the sky is the limit.

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2.   Is the registration free on Nflyers Pilots Network?

Yes. Nflyers Pilots Network is a community for aviation enthusiasts and the registration is free of charge.

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3.   How to add my aviation classified to Nflyers Pilots Network?

It is so easy. Become a member of Nflyers Pilots Network, go to Add a new classified, fill in all required fields and submit it.
You can add airplanes, services, parts and equipment, real estate. Each classified is put on the website only after moderation. Adding classifieds is free of charge.

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4.   How to find the best flight school in the US or Europe?

Nflyers will help you select the flight school that will meet your specific flying needs. Before you select a flight school read this.

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5.   I am not a pilot but I want to learn to fly. How can Nflyers help me?

Through Nflyers Pilots Network a beginning pilot can find buddies in his area who wish to share their flying experience and little secrets, as well as a bunch of useful information concerning flying safety tips, flight training and flight schools nearest to his area.

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6.   How to contact Nflyers Pilots Network?

Feel free to contact Nflyers Pilots Network for additional information and any questions you have. We will be glad to answer you. Contact us to request help.

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