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The sky is the limit...


Freedom Welcome fellow pilots, aircraft owners, and the general public to a new era of flying freedom. Freedom has many avenues, but pilots truly have a unique perspective on this subject. Especially in the United States, pilots have always enjoyed more of this than in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, recent events have conspired to work against some of our freedoms. This is nothing new, as history is replete with examples of losing privileges and freedoms after a crisis.
In the post 9-11 environment, many governments around the world have harnessed the fear factor with the general public to restrict some of the freedoms we enjoy. Flying in the U.S was at the center of these restrictions because of the location and nature of the attacks. While many of our elected officials used reason and common sense to prevent overreaction to these horrific events, others unfortunately saw a way to use it for political gain. Ultimately, these restrictions allowed governments to have more control over our lives. Many jobs in aviation have been lost and companies destroyed as a result of some of these overzealous actions. While the private sector was besieged by all this new regulation, government employment was expanding in the name of national security. We must not stand silent and allow continued indiscriminate destruction of any further private sector equity. Our flying freedoms or any other freedoms should not be eroded without further challenge.
Our intent is to make everyone aware of any new rule changes. Some change is good and may have a useful benefit. Unfortunately, others will not. Together we will have a collective voice. Logic and common sense will be our rallying cry.

Nflyers will offer

Nflyers will offer - A worldwide reservation plan of aircraft in order to maximize aircraft utilization and lessen the per hour cost.
- A command center that will help defend our freedom to fly.
- An aviation consulting access.
- A discussion board from worldwide access and opinions.
- Easy marketing access for companies, flight school and private entities.
- A way for pilots and aircraft owners to offer help to fellow pilots increasing their flying time.
- Not all experiences are good, you will have the possibility to share with us bad experiences you had in various places or with people, therefore helping others avoid the same mistakes.
Nflyers main objective is to increase flying freedom worldwide through an increase in “US certified pilots” and “N registered aircraft”.
If you believe in freedom and controlling your destiny, then you owe it to yourself to scroll down this site and take a look at a better and united flying life.
Let’s go back to our roots, the sky is the limit.